Realme 8 Pro um first in the world as a global video star sky


Mobile phones from realme, the fastest growing characters of mobile phones in the world, which in less than a year operating on the Czech market managed to get into the TOP 5 in the number of pieces delivered, appeal mainly to the young generation. The new realme 8 Pro, however, is for talented photographers, for whom there is a lot of equipment in the smartphone.

First of all, it is the main camera with the latest generation 108Mpx HM2 sensor from Samsung, which has a resolution of 12000 x 9000 pixels and a size of 1 / 1.52 inches. The larger size of one pixel ensures better image quality, the HM2 supports a compatible 9 pixels to one, ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO, thanks to which the user can real 8 Pro take excellent pictures even in low light conditions, details are sharp even when zoomed in.

Another novelty is the In-sensor Zoom technology. When setting the special mode 3x, it uses a real-time sensor 8 Pro mapped 12 Mpx with a zoom in place and generates an image. Thanks to the size of a 12 Mpx photo, the process of displaying it is fast, which allows the phone to take eight such 12 Mpx images in a row and combine them thanks to a special algorithm. This results in the resulting certainty of the image. Pictures taken with this zoom mode do not match some optical telephoto lenses for sharpness.

asosbr hvzd and thumbnails

The two revolutions are really revolutionary. For the first time ever, the first time it is possible to capture a comprehensive video of the starry sky among smartphones, which has so far only been possible to obtain a few clips with the help of professional cameras and their easy storage during post-production. How did a bunch of young people around the founder of Sky Li mature? Smartphone realme 8 To record 30 photos in 480 seconds and then generate a single video of one second. This mode so uke vn mnc with a starry sky 480x faster than in reality.

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Jet vt bomb is asosbrn mode Tilt-shift. It can focus only on the image and leave all others out of focus. The result is the impression of a miniature world, you with photos of cities or traffic. He has not yet been able to photograph thumbnails and natet Tilt-shift asosbrn videos.

It does not disappoint the battery either. With a size of 4500 mAh and a 50W SuperDart charged, you can replenish it from zero to one hundred percent in a flash of 47 minutes. With Super Power Saving Mode on, 5% of battery is left in standby mode and 32 hours (!) Or 98 minutes of talk time.

Like you, the first model of the realme 7i, the eight wants to appeal to young mobile gaming. It prepared a real-time UI 2.0 user interface, which reduced application runtime by 24 percent. The new game program allows you to lock the screen brightness and adjust the seam to ensure stability at the edge of the edges, and thus can block alarms, notifications and incoming calls. The only cake on the cake is an AMOLED display with a frequency of 180 Hz for better response when playing games and a powerful 8-core 8nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor with low power consumption.

New to the realm 8 Pro, which is available from today in the Czech Republic, has all the prerequisites to find its way to young people and talented photographers.


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