Realism Mode and Permanent Death Coming?

As pointed out by the curators of the PowerPyx social profiles, the Trophies of what, in all probability, will be the next update of The Last of Us 2. The description that accompanies the new Trophies anticipates the introduction of the Grounded Mode, the so-called Realism mode.

To listen to this new batch of rumors, and the images that accompany them, it therefore seems that the first post-launch additional content planned by Naughty Dog is not the rumored multiplayer Factions of The Last of Us 2 (also ended up in the center of an important leak), but the Realism mode.

Similar to what has been experienced in other video games, the Grounded Mode di TLOU 2 could offer enthusiasts the opportunity to face the whole adventure by further raising thedifficulty bar in various ways, for example with theno indications on the screen, with the increase in damage caused by enemy attacks or with a reduction in the time it takes to perform certain actions in the exploration, infiltration and combat phases.

Among the information pitted from the leak on the new TLOU 2 Grounded Mode Trophies we also find an important reference to Permadeath, that is to say that option that, once activated, forces users to repeat the entire adventure from scratch in the unfortunate case of premature killing of their alter-ego. While waiting to receive an official confirmation or denial from Naughty Dog, we leave you in the company of ours review of The Last of Us Part 2.

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