Real Spain defeats Platense with a goal ‘Chino’ López in the last breath – Ten

In a vibrant and controversial closure, Real Spain beat 2-1 with Platense in the dueling Morazán Stadium that closes the date 5 of the Closure 2020

See Table of Positions of the Clausura 2020 of Liga SalvaVida

With this marker, the aurinegros jumped to fourth place in the standings with 9 points. To one of the leader Motagua that adds 10 units.

Selacios remain in the basement with 1 point of 15 disputed and remains in the danger zone.

The aurinegros goals were the work of Jorge Claros at minute 26 and Iván “Chino” López at 90 + 6. . Jeffri Flores discounted at 30.

A first time with slight mastery of the Platense

The duel began with two calculating teams and taking their reservations. The first danger play came at minute 20 with a deflected shot by Darixon Vuelta.

The sampedranos hit first. In the 22nd minute on a Vuelta arrival on the left, Víctor Arauz took the ball from him, but gave it up badly and it was left to Jorge Claros who, with a riflazo from outside the area, sent it to the net.

Platense did not stand idly by and went to the front in search of a tie. After 30 minutes he managed to match the cards with a header from Jeffri Flores in a corner kick taken by Arauz.

The selacios had to go to the showers with advantage. But Luis “Buba” López at 43 flew and shot Carlo Costly out.

Close with controversy and great goal of Chino López

In the complement Ramiro Martínez entered Iván “Chino” López and thereby put the selacia defense in trouble.

Platense stayed with 10 men at minute 71 for the expulsion of Jeancarlo Vargas for a yellow double.

With the numerical advantage, Real España went over the selacios and sought the second goal.

But in an error of the rear professor, Diego Reyes was about to convert, but Buba again appeared as the saving angel.

The first controversy came at minute 85 when Pablo “Chino” Pírez, who already had yellow, made a hard tackle for Diego and the referee Selvin Brown forgave him the second card.

Nicolás Suazo also moved his bank and made Nicolás Lugli and Hesler Morales enter.

The 90 minutes were fulfilled and the referee indicated 5 minutes of replacement.

When it seemed that everything was over, in a quick play at 90 + 6 minutes, Danilo Tobías enables “Chino” López who advanced a few meters and crossed to Zúniga for the final 2-1.

“Nico” and the Platense bank claimed the referees, claimed loudly for the minute and some mistakes made.

In the end, Real Spain got a win and ended a four-game run without beating Platense.

Data sheet:

Real Spain: Luis López, Allans Vargas, Pablo Pírez, Getsel Montes, Franklin Flores, Miguel Carrasco, Jorge Claros, Devron García, Jhow Benavídez, Darixon Vuelta and Rony Martínez. DT: Ramiro Martínez.

Min. 55
Enter: Iván López
Sale: Darixon Returned

Min. 72
Enter: José Danilo Tobías
Sale: Miguel Carrasco

Min. 79
Enter: Ángel Tejeda
Sale: Rony Martínez

Platense: Rafael Zúniga, Dabirson Castillo, Víctor Arauz, Henry Ayala, César Oseguera, Jeffry Flores, Ilce Barahona, Luis Jaramillo, Jeancarlo Vargas, Diego Reyes and Carlo Costly. DT: Nicolás Suazo.

Min. 79
Enter: Marco Martínez
Sale: Carlo Costly

Min. 88
Enter: Nicolás Lugli
Sale: Diego Reyes

Min. 90 + 2
Enter: Hesller Morales
Sale: Ilce Barahona

Yellow: Pablo Pírez, César Oseguera, Jeancarlo Vargas, Nicolás Lugli, Iván López.

Red: Jeancarlo Vargas m. 70.



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