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Real Madrid-Valencia Basket: the League final is about winning at the WiZink Center

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With the semifinal playoff tied to a win, the Real Madrid The pass to the 2020/21 League final is played tonight. It will be in the WiZink Center and with aficionados present in the stands for the second time this season. Those of Laso They will try to be faithful to the history of their confrontations against the taronjas in this round of the playoff, in which they have qualified the three times they have met, and access the tie for the title.

Decisive match, whoever wins goes on. And that wants to be a Real Madrid, what already takes 84 games played so far this season, a figure that had never reached. For this reason and because of the losses it presents, his team strength will be a fundamental aspect to achieve victory. Intensity and energy mark the development of this series. The Madridistas overflowed in the first and the Valencians in the second. Lowering Valencia Basket’s three-point shooting percentage, matching them in aggressiveness, being right on the triple and continuing to dominate the rebound will be other keys for tonight.

Conversationalist (13.5 points), Tavares (11,5), Carroll (10.5) and Taylor (10), on the Madrid side; and Labeyrie (14.5), Tobey (10.5) and Hermannsson (10), in the Valencians, are being the offensive leaders of each team in the tie. Getting into the final would mean for him Real Madrid match his league season with the most victories in history (83). And to Laso, surpass Lolo Sainz as the coach who has won the most games with the Whites (596). Rudy You can play your 300th match with the team in the ACB.


Experience could be another detail to take into account, and the Madrid team has it and a lot in this type of match. Also in a semifinal playoff against Valencia Basket. On the three occasions that they have been measured, our team has advanced to the final (1997/98, 2015/16 and 2017/18). This season they already saw each other in another life-or-death match in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals, which ended up on the white side for 85-74. Tonight, the WiZink Center will decide one of the finalists in the competition.


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