Real Housewives of Atlanta: check out the two new additions to the group

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are getting new additions in the form of an actress and a YouTube star – just the kind of new faces we need!

Let’s face it, real Atlanta housewives needed new faces. Drew Sidora and Latoya Ali seem to do the trick. While they might be a bit younger than the rest of the cast, it always turns things up a bit when two new women are added. Get to know the new RHOA stars a little better below with some preliminary, but useful information.

Drew Sidora

As for Drew, you might remember her from That’s So Raven, Step Up, or even White Chicks, according to her IMDB page. Drew is 35 and married to Ralph Pittman, with whom she shares Aniya Grace and Machai. Drew also has a son, Josiah, from another relationship, according to People.

Drew has 145,000 Instagram followers and appears to be very focused on her family and children. You can see a photo of the family on Father’s Day on their Instagram. She is rumored to be a full-time housewife, but that can always change as the shoot goes on.

In 2015, Drew was dating Ricky Brascom. She was planning their wedding while expecting their first child together, according to People. Brascom was later arrested for drug trafficking and the couple clearly did not stay together.

Latoya Ali

Latoya is best known by her YouTube channel name, Latoya Forever, which she created in 2012. Latoya is 33 years old and is from Ontario, Canada. She was married to Adam Ali in 2014, but they announced earlier this year that they are divorcing. The couple share three children together, Samia, Zayn and Ayah.

She wrote a book about her life on YouTube, titled “LaToya’s Life: Uncut Mishaps of a YouTube Star,” which was published in 2016. With 1.46 million subscribers on her channel and another 730,000 on Instagram, Latoya will definitely bring a great fan base with it.

Unfortunately for her, divorce will necessarily be her scenario for the first season. This usually guarantees enough drama for a second season, but is obviously a bit traumatic to go through as the world watches. She is said to be a friend this season, but that can always change too.

Eva Marcille has announced that she is leaving the series in June, and Nene Leakes is still on the table regarding the cast. It looks like these new additions would be a refreshing start for RHOA, who would do just fine without Nene.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be back on Bravo later this year.

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