“Real” food is a cure for chronic diseases

Corazon has been participating in real food for years via www.voedings-actie.nl. What is real food according to the Corazon food campaigns? Real food is vegetables, fruit and/or animal products. In any case, food that grows on land. Vegetable comes from the ground or has hung from a bush or tree. Meat or fish is also possible, but then real food is animal food from animals that have been healthy, have lived freely and have consumed which food is also real food. Real food is real food if it has not been treated with poisons such as pesticides and weed killers. And now it comes ; Real food according to Corazon is therefore all natural food of people. With real food the producer and the food industry have done something with it.

If you mainly eat real food every day, food such as you find in our Corazon boxes, your body will automatically remain healthy. Have you become chronically ill from supermarket food, but you now only eat fresh, healthy real food, for example from the Corazon box, then your body will be fed so healthy again that it heals. Science is proving more and more that real food in diet form is a real medicine for all chronic diseases. The same science also shows us that if you eat too much fake food every day, i.e. processed supermarket food with additives such as sugar, which is not a food at all, but is a poison, then your body will eventually become, and that is a proven fact. chronically ill, often resulting in death.

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