Real Estate / Zoom. In Mulhouse, the price of the apartments among the cheapest in Alsace

Like Montpellier, Marseille or Dunkerque, Mulhouse is one of the French cities suffering from a “strong shortage of real estate”: a particularly limited housing supply compared to demand, according to a study by the Meilleurs Agents website, which specializes in online property valuation.

Paradoxically, it remains one of the Alsatian communes where the price of the apartments is the cheapest of the old ones.

A median of €1,220 per m2 in the old

If “prices are struggling to take off in Mulhouse”, it is in particular because this former industrial city “still suffers from an image deficit”, comments Maître Sébastien Basch of the Chamber of Notaries of the Haut-Rhin. In the light of his statistics, the apartments in the old they are traded around a median of € 1,220 per m2.

There are disparities from one district of Mulhouse to another. While the average price of the old apartments rises to 1,700 euros per m2 Le Rebberg and at €1,450 per m2 in the center it drops to 1,040 euros per m2 in the Doller sector and at €930 per m2 in Bourtzwiller west.

“In the new it is difficult to make an average, because every year very few houses come out of the ground. About 200, not much more,” notes Olivier Kinder, president of the Federation of Real Estate Developers (FPI) of the Grand Est.

Be that as it may, the square meter generally fluctuates between €3,000 and €4,000.

Good rental income

These low prices, both old and new, compared to regional and national averages, attract investors eager for good rental yields to Mulhouse. Especially since apartment rents reach rather traditional amounts for a municipality of 110,000 inhabitants.

At the beginning of 2022 they hovered around an average of 11.22 euros per m2 for studio flats, €9.43 per sq m2 for T2 and €7.55 per m2 for 3 rooms or more, according to the Clameur Rent Observatory. While they respectively hovered around €15.02 per m2€12.45 per sq m2 and €11.10 per sq m2 in Strasbourg.

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