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The forecasts of real estate agencies for the sale and rent Residential homes are facing this summer with a drop in prices in both markets, after passing the worst of the coronavirus crisis, while operations and the acquisition of new homes will recover, according to the Real Estate Sensitivity Survey (ESI) prepared by idealista.

The sector real estate agencies arrive at the new normal with caution, but with prospects for improvement, after passing the quarantine forced by the state of alarm, completely closed in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic, and open since last May 4 with strict safety and hygiene measures to avoid new outbreaks.

During the next trimester, half of the surveyed real estate companies expect prices to remain more or less stable over the next three months, although it should be noted that the remaining 42% believe that sales prices will fall in front of 28% that stand out for the rental market.

In fact, the sales index from Real Estate Sensitivity Survey (ESI) It falls below 50 points for the first time, to stay at 42.8, mainly due to the drop in confidence in the prices of homes for sale. He sale market gives greater prominence to rent, which despite decreasing four points (53.8) compared to the start of 2020, maintains its index in positive and maintains the confidence of real estate agencies about how the leases will go in the coming months.

Despite the expected drop in prices in both markets, the operations that real estate companies expect to close between June and September both for sale and for rent warn of a gradual recovery in activity, somewhat slower in the sale and purchase market (12% ) versus the better rental situation (30%).

But it is in attracting homes for sale (37%) where the agencies consulted have the best expectations compared to rented flats (29%). In fact, more than half affirm that they expect to capture more properties, while only one in two remaining states that they will lose some of the market after the exit from the state of alarm.

Despite the fact that the outlook began 2020, maintaining the downward trend already registered since the second half of 2019, due to economic and political uncertainty, no one could expect the impact of a health crisis of this magnitude, which has led to more than 28,000 people in Spain, according to official figures.

The Real Estate Sensitivity Survey (ESI)

Idealista has been preparing this survey since the fourth quarter of 2017 with the participation of almost 200 real estate experts from 43 provinces. The study shows the degree of satisfaction and forecasts of the real estate sector both in the housing sale and rental market based on a 100 index, where 100 would be the maximum positive and most euphoric data and 0 when all the answers they are negative and discontent is widespread.

These are the real estate companies that have participated in the Real Estate Sensitivity Survey (ESI):

A coruña: ABC Real Estate Management; DAC Santiago; Immochalet; Versalles Real Estate Services; Vistamar Galicia; Real Estate or Deal; InmoHabitare;

Álava: Fincas Urizar; Imara farms; Mortgage Credit Center

Albacete: API Vicente Orozco

Alicante: Arpevillas; El Moncayo Properties; Habitat Denia; Housealicante; Bulevar Real Estate; Real Estate MP; Mediterranean Real Estate; Inmospecialist Denia SL; MundoCasaElche; Tropic; Ultimate Homes; Vesta House Real Estate; Alberto López Real Estate; Embassy My Home; Selecta Homes; Remax Glorieta; House Golf and Life; Inmodream;; Real estate arena; Inmontelaria Real Estate

Almeria: Indal Real Estate; Samhogar;; Danti Real Estate Services; García y Pedrosa Real Estate

Asturias: Cueto Real Estate Managers; Picaso Real Estate; Sobrino Real Estate; Procasacebal SL;; Union; Solis CB Real Estate; Real Estate Cidas; eurocapital; Constructora Los Álamos; AC-real estate; Asturproperty; Gestincasa; CQA real estate

Badajoz: API Navarro

Baleares: Gestec Gestión y Estudios Inmobiliarios SL; Inmocampos; Key Consultants; Key Consultants; Premium Balear Real Estate; Sonveri farms; Ciutadella farms; Stanza; Mallorca Property Center; Huehter & Partner SLU; Alcudia 2000; G. Tevez Real Estate Projects; Fincas Faro Menorca; Century 21 BDK

Barcelona: Real Estate Agency; Aliga Real Estate; Arnal Real Estate; Assessors Du Pre and Fernandez; Barcelona Buyers; Chester Real Estate; Dela Torre Services; Espai Habitat BCN; Eurofincas; Evinta; Fabrega Administracio-Finques, SL; Real Estate Factor; Finc As & Ro; Finques Feliu; Finques Nou Espai SL; Finques Socal Penedes; Andreu Group; Immocardelus; Indicium; Inmuebles & Interiorismo, SL; Jove Inmobiliaria Egarense 2016 (Egarpis); BCN homes; OM Finques Gestió Immobiliària; Tc Flats; Tecnocasa Barcelona; Work From Home; Veinou (Santa Eulàlia); Viven Grup Immobiliari; Magescal; CM Home; Diagonal Real Estate; Don Piso Collblanc; Fincas Mateo Ubiergo; García-Coca BCN; Maps Estate Administration; Montclau Solucions Immobilairies SL; Ribas real estate; Turro BCN; Xela Properties; Adaura Real Estate Advisors; Fincas la Llar; Finques Montmar; Joseph Benedict; Pons House; Flats Barcelona

Burgos: Inmoba Aranda

Cantabria:; North Villas

Cáceres: Aloma Real Estate Management

Cádiz: Jimenez Ruiz; SM Real Estate Services; Servigestion

Cantabria: Pyso

Castellón: Nova Casa Inmobiliaria; Cifa Aragon; Narsan Real Estate; Ivary Tucasa Real Estate Management; The Ida SL; Celenny; MJ&A Real Estate Consultants and Advisors

Córdoba: Barin Mediacion Inmobiliraia, SL

Real city: Sánchez Monreal Real Estate

Gipuzcoa: Arytek; Fincas Anoeta; CTI Investors; Ator Real Estate Agency

Girona: Emporda Immo; Fincas Thalassa; Finques Anabel; Finques Ribera; Finques Santa Cristina SL; Grup Immoneu Cerddanya SL; Masies Empordà Real Estate; Properties.Cat; Nova Cadieisa

Granada: Almuñécar Property; Indefundu Granada; Inmobiliaria Inmohuetor SLU; Renovalia Inmobiliaria Granada; Granada House; Cartuja Study of Granada; Elvira Real Estate;; Zurita y Navarro Real Estate Management

Guadalajara: Real Estate Reins; Mercaservice Guadalajara

Huelva: Albatros 14; Inmogreen4

Huesca: Real Estate Technical Office; Alcoraz farms

Jaén: Carolina Real Estate; Gestinsur; Urban Real Estate Management

The Rioja: Felova Real Estate

Las Palmas: Real Estate Costa Canaria; The Dream House; Milviviendas; Costa Telde; Roca Real Estate

Lion: Strong Real Estate; Synergy; Roca Real Estate

Lleida: Finques Adser

Lugo: Cholo Real Estate; J Roca

Madrid: Alyves; Area One Real Estate Advisors; Real Estate Consulting Las Letras; City House Real Estate; Conycor Serv. Inmobiliarios Y C. De S., SL; Domum Realty Properties & Investments; Real Estate Study San Isidro SLU; Madridem; Medium Tempel; Nacar Properties; Ideal Flooring Solutions; Tecnocasa Estudio-Alcalá El Chorrillo; Terrahábitat; Hondalar; MSM CB; Novacisa Real Estate Management; New Home Real Estate Advisors; URBE 102;

Málaga: Axarquia Properties; Habitable; Ibercasa-Casagestion; Ideacasa Real Estate; Fuengirola Estates; IMF Real Estate Management; Barin Real Estate Mediation; Marina Homes; Real Deal Estates; Universal Real Estate Marbella; vilahouse; Vismast Real Estate Management; InmoGallardo

Murcia: Brextom Properties S.L.; Mediterranean Multiservice

Navarra: Areana Asesoría Inmobiliaria; Arqdecofactory; The miraculous

Ourense: Solaina Real Estate Services

Oviedo: Constructora Los Álamos

Palencia: Ingucasa; Palencia Rental Center – CAP

Pontevedra: Abertalar Inmobiliaria; AF Properties; Alube Solutions; Beneite Real Estate Investments; Metro Square Group; Tu-Ksa Real Estate; Pepe Collazo Real Estate Consultant; Rosa Recuna; Twenty Ten; Vigohome; Mcasa; Maria Grova; Vistamar Galicia; Farms Marti; low cost real estate; Vigo Home

S/ C from Tenerife: Borges Agency; Mateos Mirat; North Real Estate Solutions; Provivienda Rent

Salamanca: Ingesurb Inmobiliaria; Mateos Mirat; Future Real Estate

Segovia: Siete Picos Real Estate

Sevilla: Agora Real Estate; Bermejo Agency; Casagrande Real Estate; Gestionpromocasa; Aquarius Group; Grupo Inmobiliario Amc; Tomares Real Estate; Maxima Intermediarios Inmobiliarios SL; Relocation Sevilla Susana San Basilio; Urban Real Estate Management; Avanza Grupo Inmobiliario; Esperanza Tagua; Muela Real Estate

Tarragona: Brisasol; Ebretaxations; Finques Ges; Fincas La Torre; Farm Farms; Casa Teva Real Estate; Inmosegur; Group Three; Agorax; Eudalia; Holiday Tarragona Habitat; Immoban; Just Oliver; Habitat Trading

Toledo: Dallas Real Estate; Servios Inmobiliarios Meco, SLU; Soley Real Estate Services; Zococasa; Inmoasespria Valdiniebla

Valencia: Adaix; Esgal Real Estate; New Space; Gestimmob evolution; Fincas Del Palancia; Avantion Group; Habitale Inmoval; Immortal; Llicasa Promoción y Gestion Comercial; My Home Valencia; MTS Properties; Avation; Dasha Living Space; R&B Conforthouse; Tecnocasa Ayora; Your Residence

Valladolid: Agora Real Estate; SG Property Management; alkylotucase

Biscay: Gran Bilbao Real Estate; The Agency House;; Macias Real Estate; M&A Bilbolar; Kintana farms

Zamora: Reyna Inmobiliaria

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