Real closes many branches: Russians pull through their plans

From the start, however, the Russian investor had also made it clear that around 30 real branches would probably have to be closed due to a lack of prospects.

Despite intensive efforts, no prospect could be found for the eight locations that have now been announced, according to the company. Therefore only the closure remains.

“The background to this decision was the difficult economic situation in all cases due to very high losses in recent years,” emphasized a Real spokesman.

“Against this background, the closings of these markets are essential.” The company would start negotiations as soon as possible with the responsible works councils about a reconciliation of interests and a social plan.

Last March, Real, under the old owner Metro, announced the closure of seven branches in Bamberg, Deggendorf, Bad Sobernheim, Papenburg, Augsburg, Rheine and in Wildau near Berlin.

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