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After the complaint of the athlete who had asked to pay with a debit card receiving insults from the driver, Taxi Genova 5966 condemns the incident, stigmatizing the behavior of those who refuse to accept digital payment instruments

And now comes the apologies. With reference to the episode involving Silvia Salis, former Olympic hammer thrower and now vice president of Coni, Cooperativa Radio Taxi Genova 5966 apologizes on behalf of the entire category and expresses its firm condemnation of what happened, stigmatizing the behavior of those who refuse to accept digital payment instruments. This can be read in a note sent by the president of the cooperative Valter Centanaro. The story was reported yesterday (Monday) by Silvia Salis, vice president of Coni and former Olympic hammer thrower (who married the director Fausto Brizzi in 2020).

package finished. This is the phrase that the former athlete heard when Sunday, in Genoa, at the end of the taxi journey from home to the airport, tried to pay for the ride with a debit card.
Salis, commuter between the Ligurian capital and Romehe vented with a story on Instagram: In the taxi I see the Pos so I ask to pay with the ATM, 32 euros, he tells me that no, that now he is no longer obliged, that the fun of the banks is over, that he needs cash. The manners of the driver of the white car, says Salis, become unpleasant. In the face of my objections he begins to arrogantly shout that now he can do as he pleases. Now he can finally do as he pleases. Italy 2022.

Now for Centenaro, following the complaint, announces that it has launched an internal verification to understand whether the taxi driver who refuses to accept payment with the ATM is part of our cooperative and, in this case, we are ready to take the appropriate disciplinary measures and to report to the Autopubbliche office of the Municipality of Genoa for the foreseen sanctions.

The president of the coop — 734 cars, out of a total of 869 present in the municipality of Genoa and 1300 throughout the regional territory – then he clarifies that the on-board POS is in fact mandatory for our internal regulations since 2015 and from April 2022 also required by the municipal regulation of the service. Our intention, like 5966, is to proceed in accepting any payment instrument chosen by the customer.


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