As always we are ready for everyone, as always we are ready to see a solution against Juventus. This time Juventus is not in reason as often happens, but moreover, the opponent did not show up and so far it would be 3-0 at the table, but the worst thing is the feeling that something strange has happened because a the week before Genoa shows up in Naples and plays and the one after the ASL mysteriously intervenes and advises, because this has done, not to leave.

It does not seem true, but someone immediately took the ball and now in addition to the advantage of recovering the injured, he could also see the game in January, on a field with frost, in less than ideal conditions.

YOU PLAY IT IN JANUARY – so one would say, on January 13, 4 days before the match against Inter, you play it here, the inclusion on that date, the only one possibly available, seems a real madness, aimed at playing two matches decisive for the title in a few days, not following the calendar in the least.

We remember very well last year the controversies for Juventus-Inter for the possible move that according to someone would have distorted the championship, as well as those related to the recovery of certain matches after others, which in the same way would have distorted the sequence.

Here we find ourselves in the same situation, but not for a major cause, simply because Napoli has decided to follow the directions of the ASL, indications, which perhaps, more than perhaps, could be disregarded as did the Juventus players, with the consequence of pay a fine, but no criminal consequences.

In short, there is the feeling that someone is making fun of us, or if you prefer that for the umpteenth time we try to disadvantage Juventus who on this occasion are totally right on the whole line.

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