Ready to Pay off Marshanda Hospital Fees, Has Raffi Ahmad Transferred?

Jakarta, Insertlive

Raffi Ahmad expressed his intention to help Marshanda’s Rp300 million which was billed as a fee at the Mental Hospital in Los Angeles, United States.

Nagita Slavina’s husband also revealed his reason for wanting to help pay off Marshanda’s debt.

“I basically help what my friends really need, I’ve been friends with Marshanda for a long time, Gigi also knows Marshanda well,” said Raffi Ahmad to InsertLive when met in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/8).

“He’s a good kid too, so what’s wrong with us being able to help as much as he can and as needed with him,” he continued.

Raffi Ahmad/ Photo: InsertLive

When asked if he had provided funds via transfer, Raffi admitted that he was still waiting for news from Marshanda.

“I’m waiting,” said the father of two.

Even though he hasn’t received a request for help from Marshanda, Raffi is always ready if his friend needs him.

“I said to Chaca, ‘Cha, if there’s anything, just call me, just I’m ready to help, God willing,'” concluded Raffi.

Meanwhile, Marshanda, when met separately, admitted that he did not take Raffi’s offer of assistance seriously.

“Ah, I don’t know, it wasn’t after discussing it,” said Marshanda.


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