Reading is the basis for a successful education

Walldürn.As part of the German class, the pupils in grade 6 of the Auerberg-Werkrealschule visited the city library with their teacher Elvira Monsch. During an exciting tour, Bianca Fürst, head of the city library, presented the different media.

She clearly explained how the books are organized and labeled and how the pupils can borrow books from the city library in the future. After the tour, the pupils were allowed to explore the city library on their own and browse through the books of their choice on the comfortable beanbags.

Four participants

After the students had borrowed their books and returned to school satisfied, the reading competition took place in the city library. We were looking for the best reader in grade 6 at Auerberg-Werkrealschule. Rector Wolfgang Kögel emphasized that all participants were already winners because they had shown for the preliminary decision that it is always worthwhile to pick up a book and read it.

Jacqueline Gefreiter, Emely Schwarz, Denis Dornhoff and Lucas Laucius entered the race for school victory. They each read for three minutes from a book of their choice. Afterwards, each of the four candidates was presented with an unknown text in order to prove their skills here as well.

Difficult Decision

Then the jury members Wolfgang Kögel and German teacher Elvira Monsch had the difficult task of choosing the school winner from among the good readers. In the end, Emely Schwarz prevailed.

At the end, each participant was allowed to feel like a winner: There was a certificate and a book voucher.

© Fränkische Nachrichten, Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

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