Readers’ forum: Not everything has to be green

On the article “The inner city should change” from December 22nd:

We have a beautiful, old, historic and attractive inner city that many people envy us for. Certainly a lot can still be improved, but with ?? less sheet metal, more green ?? it is not done.

I am for cycling, but do the ?? bikes ?? be turned off. The city needs bicycle collective parking spaces where bicycles can be parked in an orderly manner. Parking at any traffic sign or lantern should be prohibited.

The options for parking the vehicles of inner-city residents must also be improved. If elected officials from the Greens only think of taking necessary measures in the old town to “free the axis between the residence and cathedral, including the parade ground, from cars to a large extent”, that is to say to destroy existing parking spaces, this does not mean anything good. Especially after the new building of a hotel with a restaurant without the required parking spaces was recently approved. The basic requirement for more green and less sheet metal alone does not improve the quality of stay and quality of life in the city center.

With a sapling here, a tree there, not much is done. If you want to enjoy the green, you should go for a walk along the Main, in the grounds, in the courtyard garden, even the main cemetery or in one of the nearby forest and recreation areas. When I go to the city center, my goals are not the existing trees or the trees that have yet to be planted, but the shops, suppliers, authorities, restaurants but also the flair of a city that has grown over centuries.

I would like to warn against one thing, with less sheet metal and more greenery. ?? There must be no destruction or abandonment of parking spaces for the inner city residents. They need affordable alternatives for their vehicle. The wishful thinking of not having their own car for residents of the city center or ?? car sharing ?? does not help, neighborhood garages have to be built and financed. Cardinal Faulhaber Platz could be the beginning of this development.

Also, for my part, not every large open area necessarily has to be greened, a paved square can also be beautiful, because it enables multifunctional use and increases its attractiveness.

Helga Kuttenkeuler

97070 Würzburg

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