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Former handball star Cecilie Leganger (45) has found happiness with music producer HP Gundersen (67).

We have met the couple, who are talking about cohabitation, music and dreams.

Have you forgotten what you should have in the store? Can’t find your way back to the hotel? And do not you remember the name of the person who wants to strike up a conversation? Is it dangerous when you start to forget, or is it just like that that comes with age? Here are the tricks that can solve the problems.

At home with seven children, Karl Ove Knausgård (51) wrote the novel “Morgenstjernen” at breakneck speed during a lockdown in London. A novel, a writer, a publisher and seven children under one roof. As well as the pandemic that threatens outside of us all. It is Karl Ove Knausgård’s everyday life in London. VG has read the book – and this is what we think.

This – and much more – in today’s VG!

Published: 17.09.20 at 23:17

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