Read in “Maritsa” – An apartment in Plovdiv broke the record with 480…

In tomorrow’s issue of the newspaper “Maritsa” you will be able to read these and many other interesting topics and developments of the author:

The NKŽI trench blocked the Southeastern Ring Road

The lengthy construction of the important road link between “Skobeleva Maika” and the Asenovgradsko Shosse roundabout, also called Plovdiv’s South-Eastern Ring Road, has been postponed again for project review. For its update, the Municipality of Plovdiv yesterday announced a public procurement under the shortened procedure with an estimated value of BGN 24,432 excluding VAT. Bidding will open on December 12th.

Russia is already looking for a truce because it is running out of soldiers and weapons. This was stated by Major General Sabi Sabev in an interview for “Maritsa”. How long the war between Russia and Ukraine will last, reads tomorrow’s issue of the newspaper.

Syrians from Masoud’s circle rock white cats in Plovdiv

Syrians living in a block in ‘Karshiyaka’ are killing cats in a cruel way. The alarm was sounded by “In Plovdiv – bez dom”, which deals with finding a shelter for animals in difficulty.

A fire left a family with two children homeless

A call for help was launched by the mayor of the Pazardzhik village of Sinitovo, Borislav Alexiev. He and the villagers shared a campaign to raise money to help the Trifonovi family, whose house burned to the ground a few days ago.

Dangerous houses in the ideal center of Plovdiv

The old houses, most of which are cultural monuments, are not maintained by the owners and endanger the lives of passers-by, the “Maritsa” team once again found. There are investment intentions for some buildings, but the projects have been languishing for years in the drawers of officials in the long chain of approval procedures.

An apartment in Plovdiv broke the record with 4,800 euros per sq m

4,800 euros per square meter is the new record for house prices in our country. The bid is from Plovdiv, with which the city under the hills has once again leapfrogged Sofia in competing with the flying levels of real estate transactions.

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