Reaction of Ümit Özat to Hamil Altıntop: Thanks to your angel-faced teacher Stefan Kuntz …

Ümit Özat, who criticized Hamit Altıntop’s statement by banging his hand on the TRT Spor table after the 2-1 defeat in the Faroe Islands, said: “So even being criticized scares you so much. We have been criticizing and criticizing for years. You’ll get used to it. This is not Germany‘he used the phrase.

Noting that he has been voicing the rhetoric ‘Let those who come from football rule football’ for years, Özat said: “We said:” Because those who come from basketball and volleyball are handling it, but why not one person has a voice. in the chapter in football? – Did we say what happened? I ask you a question. What do you know we don’t know? Why did you play more than three matches at the Bernabeu (Real Madrid stadium), why did you play three games better at the Allianz Arena (Bayern Munich stadium), at the Kuntz What did you find that you could not find in the local coaches and the did you bring You are out, clap your hand on the table and explain that Yunus is not enough and the development of Eren Elmalı. They develop in clubs, not in the national team. The national team is not a place of development. It is not infrastructure. You have to call the most ready player, the fittest player.‘he expressed his displeasure.

Ümit Özat said: “Turkey lost for the first time against the Faroe Islands after conceding their first goal in history from San Marino.”And that was thanks to your angel-faced teacher, Stefan Kuntz. Invitations to the national team Tolga Cigerci, who was not called up while playing in Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Başakşehir. Then remove Salih Özcan from the squad and recruit İsmail Yüksek. The man enters, transforms the game into another dimension, it is no longer played in the second match. Where did you see the talent to play Ferdi’s number 8? You have to realize this for yourself.. Or is Kuntz a coach to keep close at hand? What did you find that you could not find in Samet Aybaba by Hikmet Karaman or Şenol Güneş by Mustafa Denizli by Fatih Terim, so you brought Kuntz here. Can you account for him first, my dear brother?

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