RC operating farrier, damage and injury insurance

In the equestrian field, the activity of farrier concentrates the longest periods in a vulnerable position vis-à-vis a horse. One would almost forget that the activity itself can cause a wide variety of damages, for which third parties would not fail to seek redress.

It’s the job that wants that

Does your client have a farrier diploma? Does he have employees, apprentices? Does he handle tools that are potentially dangerous for his entourage, his environment and the horses entrusted to him on a daily basis? He is necessarily confronted with many risks! The unwary curious, the stressed horse, burning tools, litter, fodder, iron … So many ingredients combined to create a risky situation.

It’s the job that comes in

Exercising a risky job often involves wavering between fate and self-confidence. This is no reason not to guard against the inevitable. We think too easily of the “simple” accident involving a third party, less of the consequences of professional misconduct. The “Civil Liability Exploitation” guarantees are very affordable in relation to the risks they cover, but they are only too often remembered after the disaster, often after the disaster.


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