RBI has “no direct relationship” with Commerzialbank

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) has “no direct relationship” with Mattersburger Commerzialbank, said RBI boss Johann Strobl on Tuesday on the sidelines of the half-yearly press conference. Raiffeisen’s concern about the scandal comes from the deposit insurance. This will primarily have to take action against the bank, said the head of the bank.

Because of the scandal surrounding the Mattersburg Bank, the Raiffeisen Group will probably have to pay more into the deposit protection fund than before. The entire group is “inside” with about 45 percent in the deposit insurance, whereby the RBI itself is a little less affected because it has no deposits from private customers, Strobl said. Secured deposits are only available through the building society.

The bank boss did not quantify exactly how much the group will have to inject into the deposit insurance. The fact that RBI did not keep its own deposit insurance like the Sparkassen-Gruppe does not annoy Strobl. That is “spilled milk”.

Commerzialbank left the group in the 1990s

However, the bank boss would like a certain minimum responsibility for the savers themselves. He is thinking of a kind of deductible, as is the case with other insurance companies, Strobl said.

He himself did not observe the development of the Mattersburger Bank in the past months and years. Since the bank left the Raiffeisen Group in the 1990s, it has always had an independent position. Strobl himself comes from Mattersburg, according to several media reports. (apa)

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