Razer starts selling computer components. Water cooling, fans and PSU

Razer continues to broaden its range of PC gadgets. Recently, the company started tilting the chassis and in connection with Razercon, the gang has announced that they will start selling things to put in the computers. More specifically water cooling, fans with fan controls and power supply.

Razer Hanbo is the company’s new all-in-one water cooler that Razer developed with Asetek. According to Razer, Hanbo should be good at keeping components cold while the entire construction is relatively quiet. Hanbo will come in sizes 240 and 360 mm and release will take place in November. Price is currently unknown.

Kunai is called Razer’s new fans that come in sizes 120 and 140mm. The 120 fan can spin at 2200 rpm and the larger one at 1600 rpm. Of course, there is a lot of RGB lighting, more specifically 18 LEDs in 120mm and 22 in 160mm, and these you will be able to control the Razer Synapse software, which also allows you to control speed. The Kunai fans go on sale today for $ 45. Razer also sells one PWM-fl√§ktkontroll which you can plug in eight Kunai fans for $ 50.

The last new component milling cutter is PSU:n Katana which will be available with a power of 750W to 1600W and has modular cable management. Katana will go on sale in early 2022.



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