‘Razer and Qualcomm team up with a developer kit for gaming handheld’ – Gaming – News

According to leaked images owned by the website VideoCardz, Qualcomm and Razer have co-developed a handheld developer kit. The handheld is powered by a Snapdragon G3x processor designed specifically for handheld gaming.

on his website shows VideoCardz the leaked slides of a presentation of the developers kit. The idea is that developers can develop software or new hardware themselves using the kit. It is not clear from the slides whether Razer and Qualcomm plan to release a handheld for consumers as well.

If we are to believe the leaked images, the device has a 120Hz OLED screen that supports HDR. Furthermore, the handheld is equipped with a webcam on the front, with an HD resolution. The console also has Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi-6E and a USB-C port.

The developer kit has not been officially announced by Qualcomm or Razer. This week there will be a Qualcomm organized meeting place in Hawaii. It is possible that more will be announced there about the handheld.


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