Rayshard Brooks case in Atlanta: chief suspect could be released on bail

Following the death of African American Rayshard Brooks as a result of a police operation in the US city of Atlanta, the prime suspect could be released under certain conditions. According to consistent reports, police officer Garrett Rolfe has to deposit $ 500,000.

Other conditions of the court are that he must wear an electronic ankle bracelet until the verdict, hand over his passport and have no weapons. Judge Jane Barwick said according to the Reuters news agency that the release on bail is defensible because, in her view, Rolfe poses no danger to the population and there is no risk of escape.

Rolfe is accused of using excessive force in the mid-June operation, although the victim has not shown aggressive behavior. In total, the police officer is charged with 11 crimes and faces life imprisonment without parole or even the death penalty.

According to the Reuters news agency, the deceased Brooks’ widow had asked the court not to release Rolfe on bail. “My life has been upside down ever since,” said Miller. She doesn’t feel safe when Rolfe moves freely.

Brooks had fallen asleep at the wheel of his car in mid-June when he was waiting in line at a fast food restaurant. Police officers found that he had been drinking too much and wanted to arrest him.

The Brooks case has further fueled the protests in the United States

There was a scuffle, Brooks grabbed an official’s stun gun and fled. Rolfe finally fired shots that hit Brooks in the back and mortally injured. The policeman was then released without notice and his colleague was temporarily suspended.

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