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Rayong lock down Ask for cooperation not to return to the domicile

Date 29 Dec 2020 at 16:50

Rayong is hard! Increased COVID 56 Including the accumulation of new outbreaks, 148 governors raise the highest control area. 4 Amphoe Ban Chang – Klaeng – Ban Khai – Nikhom Phatthana Ask for cooperation not to return to the domicile

On December 29, 20, Mr. Chan Na Iamsang, Ph.D., Rayong Province, Dr. Sunthorn Rienphumikarnkij Public Health, Rayong Province jointly announced the situation of COVID-19 in Rayong Province on 29 December 2020. That originally, 92 people were infected today, 56 more people were found, totaling 148 people, the most common being Muang Rayong District, with only 2 districts where no COVID-infected cases were found: Pluak Daeng District and Wang Chan District.

At the moment, another 4 districts have been raised to the highest control areas, consisting of Ban Chang District, Klaeng District, Ban Khai District, and Nikhom Phatthana District, while the other 2 districts, Pluak Daeng District and Wang Chan District are the highest surveillance areas. Need to close additional risk points Controlling the entire province as well as Muang district, including entertainment venues, schools, massage parlors, Thai massage, amusement parks, chicken training grounds, cockfighting grounds, boxing grounds, exercise grounds. Learning park etc.

Supermarkets for food and use can also be opened. But the restaurant must take it home to eat at home. Food stores still selling But the sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Foreign workers are prohibited throughout the province. Thai workers in other provinces According to various factories Ask for cooperation not to return Including requesting cooperation for entrepreneurs Hiring workers to work during the holidays By paying wages for working on holidays Is another preventive measure Not to spread the infection out

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The government officials prohibited leave Watch the event The field hospital has two levels: a single room. And the combined bedrooms are similar to those in Samut Sakhon, but will choose to have a Sanam Hospital In a separate room Will give you safety And more comfortable Also confirmed that Rayong has not locked down, but prohibited activities like the entire district of the province As for the curfew, additional measures must be taken if the violence is further.

Dr. Sunthorn Phumikarnkit Medal Dr. Rayong Provincial Physician said that the situation is more serious. We have already prepared the examination room and coordinated with the private hospital to support it, 200 of the field hospitals have already been prepared, while the medicine has been prepared enough to support the patient in the future.

However, if one patient died, he came to be examined on Dec. 27 and came to be examined on Dec. 28, coming to hear the results. But the patient already has heart disease And died With congenital disease And also infected with COVID Every day, 500 cases can be examined per day, asking those who are not yet symptom-free to stay at home, wear masks, wash their hands, and those who have touched the casino, anywhere to come for examination

“The big problem is Covid addicts also hide information about where they are gambling. Therefore ask for cooperation, do not hide information Because it will benefit the public if information is disclosed Currently, there are 3 groups of COVID-infected origin. The first group is the gambling group, the second is the first group exposed and the first group exposed. 2 “said Dr. Sunthorn.

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