Rayong is bad, not renting the home field Request to visit every match instead

Rayong FC faced a severe financial crisis. Cannot go to rent the home yard Will ask the Thai League to play every away game instead

After Thai League Announced to return to compete again in February, but the Commission has not allowed to compete in the 5 provinces. Samut Sakhon, Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Trat

All teams in these 5 provinces will have to find a field rental in other provinces. To play a home game instead

But the latest news that Rayong FC The last ranked team of the Thai League Now facing a serious financial crisis Not having enough budget to rent another race track. And will resolve the problem by having their team go to every match as the away team

Which has been revealed that Many teams with the program will have to visit Rayong FC have been contacted to coordinate this matter. And many teams are willing to use their own home ground to organize the tournament instead.

However, if the BEC allows Rayong Province Able to organize a football match, Rayong FC will request to return Rayong Stadium Is the same home field

For Rayong FC, ranked 16th in the Thai League, 16 games with only 10 points.




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