Ravens and Browns have a Sunday night defensive battle

In week twelve of the current NFL season, the professionals of the toughest league in the world were able to train off the extra portions of turkey from Thanksgiving. Our game day summary “Cover Them All” checks who must have enjoyed the festive feast particularly well and who still felt a little heavy in the stomach for gluttony. In the Sunday Night Football Game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns it was extremely close, as you are used to from top games from the AFC North.

Baltimore and Cleveland put together a tight AFC North box on Sunday Night

The motto “Ground & Pound” was not only written on a number of flags at Sunday Night Football, the Browns and Ravens also distributed what felt like t-shirts bearing the name of their down-to-earth football philosophy. As the close AFC-North duel between the two rivals showed, the two teams are not only pursuing this path with full conviction, it also has a little to do with the limitations of their quarterbacks. There are reasons why Baker Mayfield failed to pass 50 percent and Lamar Jackson threw four interceptions. These reasons, between bad luck with injuries and sporting ideology, excuse some things, but then also do not excuse a lot.

Against the frenetic backdrop of Sunday Night Football, the Ravens and Browns rarely manage to capitalize on their opponents’ mistakes. Both dreaded running games are very difficult to get going with less than four yards per carry each, so in the end it is nuances that decide the game. A missed field goal by the Browns takes revenge late, Mark Andrews sets an important accent with a magic catch, the Ravens benefit from almost 40 minutes of possession despite the nightmare passing day for Lamar Jackson and are a little bit at the end of 16:10 more determined and happier. The old questions about the throwing suitability of your star quarterback won’t fall silent after the last few weeks, but will probably be discussed again once again. Either way, things are looking good for the Ravens in terms of the NFL playoffs, while things are getting tight for Cleveland.

Green Bay Packers dominate crisis-ridden LA Rams

The top NFL game of Week 12 wasn’t always one, but it was a few mistakes, fumbles and questionable decisions. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers don’t care either, because apart from kicking headaches, they set an exclamation point against a potential future NFC playoff opponent with their much more solid performance. In order for them to get that far, the Rams should first look very carefully in their own mirror and quickly find their completely lost rhythm again. In addition to the attack, which stutters over long stretches, this also applies to the defensive, which too seldom fully utilizes its potential.

Jalen Hurts gives the New York Giants victory

During the week the New York Giants fired their offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and he got some verbal broadsides afterwards as parting gifts. With their 264-yard fireworks, they owed the proof that the ex-cowboys coach was the real problem. Fortunately for the “G Men” there is still a defense that tackles its fingers sore on the unfortunate Jalen Hurts (three interceptions) and his eagles.

The sad farewell to the Ben Roethlisberger era

There was a time when it took opposing running backs three NFL games to get to 100 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yesterday Joe Mixon made it in the first half. There were times when Ben Roethlisberger was one of the best quarterbacks in the league and the Bengals a match ball for their AFC North rivals from Steel City. But how did Bob Dylan sing: The Times They Are A-Changin. For Joe Burrow & Co. they do that for the better.

Cordarrelle Patterson lets the Falcons cheer again

Against Dallas and New England, the Atlanta Falcons mumbled just three measly points in the past NFL weeks, on the other hand, the three touchdowns in Jacksonville looked almost like an offensive explosion. Especially the return of RB aka WR aka RS Cordarrelle Patterson is good for the hawks, he runs a whopping 6.8 yards per carry, collects 108 rush yards and finds the end zone twice. Jacksonville, on the other hand, keeps getting in its own way with two turnovers and some mental errors.

“Gang Green” wins despite a weak Zach Wilson

On paper, this encounter between two NFL basement children knocked about as many fans off their stools as there are at the end of a game of “Travel to Jersualem”. The Jets steal an away win with a combative performance of their defense, allow Houston only three first downs in half two and enjoy a monster game from John Franklin-Myers (two sacks and an interception). Zach Wilson disappointed after his injury break, shines for a long time with the “deer in the light cone” look and at times even lacks any NFL quality.

Tua and the Dolphins end the Cam Newton euphoria

Miami confirms the positive impression of the last NFL weeks and uses its quick short passing game for Tua Tagovailoa against the dangerous pass rush of the guests. Especially Jaylen Waddle convinces with nine catches for 137 yards and catches a touchdown on top of that. With the Panthers, the Cam-Newton-Bandwagon experiences a severe axle break (five of 21 passes to the man, two picks), has to clear the road for PJ Walker and there is not much else going together for Matt Rhule’s group.

New England Patriots continue their winning streak

The machine steams and steams and steams … New England continues its NFL triumph, Mac Jones again throws some good coals into the fire and the defense does the rest for Belichick’s men with three takeaways. Tennessee, with about one and a half practice squads due to injury concerns, had a chance at 270 rush yards, but quarterback Ryan Tannehill (93 pass yards, 4.4 yards per pass) never found the right answer to New England’s defensive crossword puzzle.

Quadruple Fournette cheers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The whole story isn’t nearly as impressive as Polk High legend Al Bundy’s only true “four touchdowns in one game”, of course, but Leonard Fournette’s four scores still give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers an important NFL midseason win. The Colts demand everything from the reigning Super Bowl champs for a long time and dominate the first half, but then two consecutive sales by Carson Wentz bring the Bucs back into play. After a spectacular back and forth, it’s Fournette who puts the lid on it 20 seconds before the end.

Denver Broncos are pulling the plug on inconstant Chargers

Anyone who is constantly inconstant in the NFL is somehow constant again. The Los Angeles Chargers can tell a lot about it, after all, in a week they will burn off fireworks with their Herbert’schen hurray offense, and then lay a nice free-range egg on top of it the week after. The strong Broncos defense knows how to use something like this and carries her offense, which is rather uninspired in this game, to the goal. Pat Surtain II sets the next exclamation mark in his convincing rookie season with a Pick-Six.

San Francisco 49ers keep playoff hopes alive

It was exactly the kind of competitive game you’d expect when two teams in the NFL clash with identical records of five wins and five losses. In the end, the 49ers used their home advantage, another varied offense (with a strong combination of Elijah Mitchell and Brandon Aiyuk) and a punctual goal line stand to twist the horns of the Vikings. Minnesota kept up for a long time thanks to a 99 yard kickoff return from Kene Nwangwu, but ultimately not only lost the game, but also star runner Dalvin Cook to a chest injury.



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