Raumata Tetuanui takes over the title “Mara’amu” by Coco Mamatui

It is on her Facebook page Friday, September 9 that the young Polynesian artist, Raumata published a very moving video in tribute to the caregivers mobilized during the coronavirus crisis.

Raumata Tetuanui, the talented musician well known on the local scene, gently interprets the song “Mara’amu” by Coco Mamatui.

the mara’amu means a strong and cool wind. The young singer alludes to the breath, a symbolic element that will push back this dark and difficult period that Polynesia is going through.

I would like, through this video, to offer you a little sweetness during this difficult period. A special thought for our nursing staff and all those working to contain this crisis.

Raumata Tetuanui

A very beautiful voice to (re) discover:


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