Rating: Another very hard Sunday between Bake Off and Marley against PPT

Bake Off and PPT competed inch by inch Credit: Gentileza Bake Off

Again on Sunday night he found



Channel Thirteen

fighting inch by inch for the rating. And as it happened in the last days,

the competition was extremely even.

Telefe bet again with the combo

Around the world


Bake Off,

while on the opposite sidewalk he found himself


, the journalistic cycle of

Jorge Lanata.

The repetition of

Brazil Avenue

again left him to the show


an unbeatable floor, with an average of around nine points. When

Around the world

It started at 21, the rating rose slightly to settle at ten points. Meanwhile, on the thirteenth the beginning of


At 22, he showed how close the fight was, with a similar mark that was also around ten points.

At 22:30,

Bake Off

kicked off the expected first stage of the final, and the number between the two channels remained very tied,

with a value that oscillated the twelve rating points. The end of Lanata’s cycle did make a difference, which allowed Telefe to take the lead with a value of thirteen points, while thirteen fell in rating to 5.5, less than half of what the journalistic program achieved. Near the time to announce the finalists,

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Bake Off

reached one of the peaks of the evening with 14.5.

Finally the podium of

the most watched on television

Sunday was like this:

Bake off, the great pastry chef

averaged 13.1 points

rating; then behind it

Lanata with 11.6 points


Marley managed 10.1



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