Rat found in soup at New York restaurant by customer who is a woman

Woman finds dead rat in New York restaurant soup
The dead rat was found in the “Sogogi gukbap” soup. Photo: Gettyimages.

A couple denounced in social networks who found one dead rat in the sopa of beef that he bought at the famous the Gammeeok restaurantLocated in the korean quarter of NY, USA.

The womenidentified as Lucero-Leepublished the past March 13 pictures of the dead rat found in his saucerSogogi gukbap”, which he ordered at the establishment and which he ate at home.

“Please don’t ever go there for your own safety.”

The woman wrote on Instagram.

In it video uploaded to Instagram is observed at rata dead among the ingredients served on the plate. Lucero-Lee shared the unpleasant discovery.

Gammeeok restaurant responds to woman

Even though the couple she had been a client of the restaurant Gammeeok For a decade, the complainant claimed that this is the first time they have had such an incident.

Once the story of Lucero-Leehe restaurant denied that the rata It will be found in the soupSogogi gukbap” at the time of delivery of the order. Meanwhile, the woman has already filed a formal complaint in the New York Department of Health.

What to do if you find a rat in a restaurant dish?

If someone finds a rat in their food at a restaurant, it is important to take immediate steps to inform restaurant staff:

  • First of all, the customer must immediately inform the restaurant staff and let them know what has happened.
  • The restaurant must take immediate steps to ensure that no more contaminated food is served and take steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.
  • The customer must also inform the local health authorities so that they can investigate and take action to ensure that the restaurant complies with health and safety regulations.
  • Additionally, it is important that the customer save any physical evidence of the rat found in their food, such as the plate it was found on or even the rat itself. This can be useful in case a more detailed investigation is necessary.
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