Rat causes chaos in the dog park – video goes viral

Rats and dogs are rarely good friends. However, it is not always clear who is afraid of whom. Often the rodents do not seem to be afraid when they meet the four-legged friends and run straight towards the furry friends. So did a rat in New York. A few days ago she walked through a busy dog ​​park in Manhattan.

The “Tompkins Square Dog Run” in the New York borough of Manhattan is located in the middle of a green park and is very popular with dog owners. The dog park is always well attended and there is an extra run-out area where the four-legged friends can run around without a leash. A few days ago, however, there was quite a bit of chaos in this very area when a rat ran through the park.

Rat runs through dog park

The rodent hopped straight through the crowd of dogs and was immediately spotted by the furry friends. Within seconds, the four-legged friends were running wildly, some out of fear of the rat, some chasing the rodent. The owners also had to run immediately in the tumult and tried, sometimes desperately, to calm their dogs and keep them from attacking.

Chaos video goes viral

A French bulldog was particularly curious, literally sat on the rat and then had to be pulled back by its owner’s hip. Meanwhile, a Korean-Jindo mix named Zoey attacked with particular determination and briefly threw the rodent through the air with its mouth before its owner could call it to order, reports the “New York Post“. Meanwhile, a poodle and a shih tzu preferred to watch from a safe distance.

A spectator filmed the chaotic situation and posted the video on Twitter – accompanied by a jazz song. The clip quickly went viral there and has already had more than 6.5 million views. Some users are hardly surprised by the rat’s hard-nosed behavior and willingness to take risks. “A true New Yorker,” someone wrote. However, others feared that the rodents could have transmitted diseases to the dogs. Zoey’s holder therefore contacted the US newspaper and gave the all-clear. His fur nose is fine.

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