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Rashed Elmajid and Walid al-Shami Perform Duet Song ‘Your Head is Up’ for Saudi National Day Celebration

During the past hours, the Saudi singer performed Rashed elmajid And the Iraqi singer Walid al-Shamia duet for a song called “Your Head is Up” in celebration of the 93rd Saudi National Day.
The song was written by Qaws, composed by Nour El Zein, and musically arranged by Cyrus.

Learn the lyrics of the song “Your Head is Up”

The lyrics of the song “Your Head is Above” say: “Your dear name, your high reputation, all I can think of is that you are a blessing to the governor. Above, above, and beyond.. Oh, the first one who does not look at the bottom and does not care.. The Saudi will not find.. To the end of the summit he has risen.. No one is like him, and his stars are my hills.. My sister and my brother.. They are all like me.. Oh, after my life, you see us striking like me.. Our fire is alive.. And our embrace is in it.. and Saudi Arabia is far away and it is difficult for you to reach me.. and your head is above, above, above.. the length of eternity is above, above all life.. O home of the noble and sincere deeds.. and you, O purest country.. give good tidings, by God, with a promise.. all of us, girl and boy, give you permission, dear.” .

It is noteworthy that last August, the Saudi artist Rashid Al Majed released his latest song, which was titled “Absence,” which was written by Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and composed by Ahmed Al Harmi and music producer Cyrus. At that time, the artist Rashid Al Majed promoted his new song “Absence” through his official Instagram account. “By publishing a video clip of the song, and a number of his followers and fans interacted with the video clip.
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