Rarely Take a Shower and Change Panties at Home, This is a Danger that lurks

Merdeka.com – At home alone, many people are lazy to do various things. This includes lazy to shower and change clothes.

Even worse, some people are lazy to change their underwear when they are at home. This slovenly habit is of course not ideal and can have a dangerous impact.

Panties have a function to wrap the intimate organs to be protected from interference from outside the body. Wearing underwear, especially cotton ones, can also feel very comfortable and soothing.

Underwear is prone to damp conditions because it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Therefore, these clothes cannot be put aside and need to be changed diligently especially after bathing.

Infrequently changing underwear can have bad consequences for health. Reporting from Boldsky, here are a number of health problems that you are at risk of experiencing.


When you are lazy to change your underwear, itching is the first thing you will feel. This occurs when dirt in the folds of the skin accumulates and mixes with bacteria and moisture. The proliferation of these bacteria can make this uncomfortable itching feeling even more pronounced.

A rash appears

In addition to itching, another thing that will appear is a rash due to moisture from the area. This itching that accumulates and continues to be scratched will then become a visible rash.



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