Rare gold Geuzen medal auctioned for 40,000 euros | NOW

A rare gold Geuzen medal from 1566 was auctioned for 40,000 euros on Tuesday, said Jacco Scheper of the Heritage Auctions Europe auction house on Tuesday evening in the talk show Beau announced.

Scheper did not want to disclose who the buyer is, but according to the auctioneer, the chances are “quite high” that the medal will soon be on display in a museum.

As far as is known, only three of these tokens remain, one of which is in the possession of the Rijksmuseum. The medal was found in the vicinity of Hoorn at the end of 2019 by someone who happened to be looking there with a metal detector.

The auction house in IJsselstijn had set the starting amount at 20,000 euros. However, Scheper did not know in advance how much the medal was worth. “This is unique. It has never been on the market,” said Schepper at the table Beau. “So what should you compare it to?”

Geuzen medals of this kind were worn by the water and other geuzen during the time of the Dutch Revolt against the Spanish king Philip II. The Beggars wore it around their necks as a sort of military badge. The geuzen medals can also be found in paintings of famous geuzenmen.


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