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BANGKOK, KOMPAS.com – Framework Pause an almost perfectly preserved, estimated to be 3,000 to 5,000 years old, was found in Thailand.

The bones were found in early November about 12 kilometers off the coast just west of Bangkok.

This 12 meter long frame is considered as framework Pope Bryde.

Experts hope the findings can provide a “window into the past”, particularly for research on sea level and biodiversity.

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The partially petrified bones are ” invention rare“, said mammal researcher Marcus Chua from the National University of Singapore to BBC.

“There are very few whale subfossils in Asia,” he said, and even fewer “in good condition”.

Image shared by the environment minister Thailand The Varawut Silpa-archa shows the bones appear to be almost completely intact.

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According to Varawut Silpa-archa, more than 80 percent of the skeletons so far have been found, including the vertebrae, ribs, fins and a scapula from Bryde’s whale skeleton.

The length of the head of the skeleton itself is estimated to be about 3 meters.

Chua said the discovery will allow researchers to find out more about certain species in the past, whether there is any difference compared to Bryde’s whale today.

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The framework will also provide information on “paleobiological and geological conditions at that time, including estimates of sea level, sediment types, and contemporary biological communities at that time”.

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“So these findings provide a window into the past after the skeleton was dated,” said Chua.

The bones have not been dated to determine their exact age, with results expected in December.

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The Gulf of Thailand has an intriguing history of the past 10,000 years, biologists point out, with sea levels likely to be up to 4 meters higher than it is today and active tectonic activity.

The skeleton was found offshore at present in Samut Sakhon.

Pause Bryde lives around the world in warm and tropical climates, and is still found in the waters around Thailand today.

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