Rare coins, a cent worth thousands of euros? It exists and that’s how it is!

Even penny coins can be rare and worth a lot of money. This one we will talk about is among the most sought after

Let’s go back to talking about rare coins, with a one-cent specimen worth gold (Pixabay)

Let’s go back to talking about the world of collecting, in continuous growth and with more and more advertisements on the net. There are tons of items that are literally selling like hot cakes, although prices often hit crazy highs. We mainly talk about rare coins and stamps, but also of records, vinyls, video games, sneakers and so on.

Today we return to talk about coins, most likely the most profitable “sector” for what concerns collecting. There are some that are worth a treasure, even unexpectedly. An example? This one penny that it was sold at auction for thousands of euros.

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Rare coins, this one cent coin is worth over 2,000 euros

rare coins
The reason? A minting error that led to another figure on the back (Pixabay)

Have you ever thought you could earn a little treasure from one coin worth a cent? Thanks to the world of collecting, you can do this too! Specifically, due to a minting error of the Mint of the State of Rome were released pieces that do not have the regular engraving of Castel del Monte. In their place, on the back is the Mole Antonelliana.

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For fans of numismatics, such a mistake is worth gold! If you have one at home, you could make a fortune out of it. Recently a piece was auctioned at over 2,500 euros. It is clear that these are variable and potentially higher values ​​if you find the right buyer. Seeing is believing!

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