Rare Apple Watch prototype exposed!Like the iPod and the “Simpson” easter egg

(Picture/Flip AppleDemoYT Twitter)

Apple’s most famous iPhone is considered to be an evolution of the iPod. What about Apple Watch? Recently, the Twitter account AppleDemoYT released a set of “prototypes” claiming to be Apple Watch, just like iPods with a new UI design.

You can find from the photosprototype Apple Watch is rectangular instead of the current square. It does not have a digital crown. Instead, it retains the Home button at the bottom, and there are two buttons on the left, which seem to be able to adjust the volume. The fuselage is obviously heavy and reasonable considering that it is still an engineering test machine. The overall shape is not so much a watch, but more like the previous music player iPod.

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On the outside of the package, you can find that Apple has labeled it as an “Ultra” confidential project. According to internal information, this Apple Watch runs the pre-watchOS operating system, and the interface is exactly like the current watchOS style.

Interestingly, Apple has also hidden a small easter egg in it. There is an App picture that uses the avatar of the well-known cartoon “The Simpsons” Lisa Simpson. Foreign media speculate or pay tribute to the Lisa computer that Apple once launched.

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