Rappers Eliot & Krivenchy Release Song & Video “Pieci velli”

“Spridit was helped to deal with the devil by the small statue donated by the Mother of the Wind. He is very similar to us here – so that the devils in the head do not start to “climb up the neck”, they must have a good chance to jump out. We, just like Sprīdītis, employ our devils and direct their energy in a positive direction, creating some “horny and hairy” music, comment the songwriters on their choice of means of artistic expression.

“CSQ Production” worked on the video, with Nauri Krūmiņas at the head, who previously created film adaptations for hits such as “Piededzini mann” and “Pārāk jauna” by the group “Singapore satin”, as well as creating the show “Pāļas bazars” together with Krivenchy.

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