Rapper Reinis Kapone presents album dedicated to mental health ‘Soul Pharmacy’

Hip-hop artist Reinis Kapone returns with a new album. The listeners are provided with “Soul Pharmacy” – an album dedicated to the topic of mental health.

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“Soul Pharmacy” is a conceptual and deeply personal album, which is at the same time a journey in search of the cure for the soul, the artist’s representative Inese Grīnberga tells the portal “Delfi”.

The title of the album reflects the quest for healing the soul. The word “pharmacy” is associated with a place to buy funds to treat their guilt, but the means of healing the soul may be different for everyone – for some antidepressants, tranquilizers, for others drugs and alcohol. In the album’s opening song, the artist calls rap as therapy. The “Pharmacy of the Soul” depicts a bohemian, life routine, panic attacks, struggle with fear, overdose, a visit to a psychotherapist and other events and feelings related to the artist’s own experience.

“I come from an environment where talking about this kind of problem is considered a weakness. Understanding mental health gives me the opportunity to read, listen, watch other people’s stories. Understand that you are not alone with such a problem, that it is not just negligence or weakness. “It can suit anyone. I have to say that I also see the bright side, because by surviving anxiety and fear, I can grow in my personality and spirit. I hope my story will help someone find peace, realize that it is a process of our spiritual growth.” said Reinis Kapone.The album includes nine songs and two skits (audio notes). The author of all the songs’ bits (musical accompaniment) is a member of Latvia’s largest hip-hop association “Kreisais Krasts” and beat maker Trakamelodija.

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Reinis Kapone, real name Reinis Pone, is a hip hop performer from Valmiera. In 2017, he released his debut album “Katafalks”. Previously collaborated with such hip-hop artists as Ansis, Xantikvariāts, Silver Heart, Pioneer, EikshO, Nātre, as well as beat makers Oriole, NiklāvZ, milktune, Noitro and dotConcept.

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