Rapper Huey, author of “Pop, Lock & Drop It”, killed in a shooting

Rapper Huey, known for leading for several weeks in 2007 the charts with the theme “Pop, Lock & Drop It”, died this Friday in a house in St. Louis (Missouri, USA) after a shooting.

According to local media, the singer was shot in the vicinity of a house, while a second victim was also shot at another location during an attack that the investigation believes could be related.

According to the authorities, before and after the shooting there were a dozen people in the crime zone,

Huey, 32, by the real name of Lawrence Franks Jr., was successful with the single “Pop, Lock & Drop It,” which stayed in the top 10 on the US charts throughout the summer of 2007.

Despite the good reception of his first album, “Notebook Paper”, he did not repeat the same success in subsequent works, although he caught the attention of other popular rappers such as Nelly.

In 2009, Huey already experienced another assassination attempt, the TMZ newspaper reported, adding that a concert promoter asked him not to act because he was being targeted for a crime.

Several musicians echoed the news of the rapper’s death, who had a 14-year-old son, and expressed their condolences, such as producer Jaylien Wesley.

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