Rapper Dennis and Reiki create a Hollywood-worthy video with a Hollywood-worthy story

With a motivating and uplifting single “Raise your eyes!” At the very beginning of the summer, musician, martial artist Denis Stepanov and rapper Reiki once again reminded themselves. He has also made a video, the story of which is remarkable today.

Several months ago, the rapper of the band “Olas” Reiks together with the representative of the hip-hop association “Left Bank” Denis Stepanov went to the USA to fulfill his dream and put a strong point on the single “Raise Eyes!” It was a spontaneous idea. “It was Reika’s birthday, November 19. We sat in the car, discussing ideas for what a song clip should look like. We mention Hollywood Beverly Hills, Las Vegas in the song … Why not shoot a video there while living your dream, if we have every opportunity to do so ?! We bought the tickets on the same day, ”recalls Dennis.

Interestingly, just two days before the scheduled flight to the United States, Denis was scheduled to hold his first bare-knuckle boxing fight in Lithuania.

Dennis’ friend Reiki wasn’t excited about such recklessness, but Dennis felt that the planned debut fight would be part of the song’s story: “I knew in my heart that this adventure was a must. I was confident that everything would go as it should. ” In the fight against the Lithuanian Vaidotas Staškauskas, Deniss won, and with a slaughter, but in the fight he had a broken nose, which did not stop him from traveling to the USA. However, in the video Denis can sometimes be seen with the naked eye.

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