Rapper Cardie Bee divorces her husband because of his distrust – Celebrities

The reporter filed a lawsuit in court, stating in official documents that both “there is no prospect of settlement” and “the relationship between the two has been permanently broken”. However, the documents add that the repere hopes for a mutually beneficial divorce settlement.

Cardie Bee married the Office in 2017 in a secret ceremony, and they both have a two-year-old daughter named Culture. The couple’s love story has come to an end, because the rapper has been a cheater throughout their marriage.

In a divorce lawsuit, Cardia Bie wants primary custody of the two daughters.

Kardiya has repeatedly commented on her husband’s distrust, which was no secret to anyone – she explained that she loves rapists very much, so she wants to forgive his mistakes. As a source close to the couple now reveals, Cardia wanted to save both marriages because of her daughter, but she could no longer endure countless episodes of mistrust.

Photo: Cardia Bee with Offset


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