Rapid sports director Barisic: “Rene Kriwak is not like Ercan Kara” – football

Before leaving for the training camp in Belek, Turkey on Saturday, SK Rapid really let it rip.

On Thursday, Yusuf Demir unexpectedly returned to his old place of work, on Friday the transfer of Rene Kriwak from the Wiener Sport-Club to Hütteldorf was officially announced, although this no longer came as a surprise. Because the regional league had already blurted this out on Twitter by mistake.

“Of course we’re angry,” jokes Barisic. “It’s about acting professionally, about a certain togetherness. But mistakes can happen, shouldn’t happen too often or you shouldn’t make a mistake twice. But that’s how it is, it happened.”

LAOLA1 used this opportunity to ask sports director Zoran Barisic what plans the Hütteldorfers are now pursuing after the official announcement at Kriwak. The 22-year-old is to be built up at Rapid II for the time being, which is how Ercan Kara started his time with the green-whites.

“I don’t want to compare Kriwak with Kara, they’re a different type of player. It’s a project, he’s an interesting player who I’ve known and watched for a long time. He has a certain potential. How he then implements it and on We’ll see how the pitch gets,” explains the sporting director and explains how to proceed:

“He’s going to be built up at Rapid II now. It’s the same for him as it is for our other youngsters – if they do well they will get the chance to play in the main team.” Kara was a prime example of how you can go from amateur to professional goalgetter in a very short time and also be in the right place at the right time – when a striker had an emergency pass.

“A lot of untapped potential”

But Barisic sees other strengths in Kriwak and sums them up. “He’s a great striker who always positions himself very well, who is very easy to combine with, he has a good step and a very good finish.”

Despite all the praise, Barisic also puts the brakes on: “But there is still a lot of potential that has not yet been exhausted. We will not put pressure on Kriwak either, but we will give him the necessary time to develop as best we can.”

With eleven goals in 13 season games in the regional league for the WSC, Kriwak has done some self-promotion. Even if he is no longer the youngest at the age of 22, he had already demonstrated his nose for goals at FC Marchfeld-Donauauen in the previous season.

He was well trained at the Admira Academy, via stripping and Marchfeld he ended up at the sports club and now at his favorite club, as confirmed: “I’ve been a Rapid fan since I was little, so it feels particularly good now to be here. It’s a huge honor to now be a part of this club.”

Sport-Club-Trainer Robert Weinstabl loses his top scorer after only six months, but doesn’t begrudge Kriwak the rise from the regional league to the 2nd league and possibly soon to the Bundesliga. “I also have a lot of confidence in Rene at Rapid. If he develops like he did with us in the last six months, but at a higher level, then he can follow a similar path to Ercan Kara, for example. Because of their positional skills, the two of them have some Similarities”, the WSC coach assesses the situation a little differently than Barisic.

But it is also not surprising that he puts on the brakes with his newcomer.


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