Rapid Growth in New Car Purchases in Bulgaria: Highest in the EU

Rapid Growth in New Car Purchases in Bulgaria: Highest in the EU

Although Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU, purchases of new cars are rapidly growing. In August alone, our companies and private individuals imported and registered 3,421 motor vehicles, according to the latest data of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA). This is a 38.7% annual jump, and with this result, Bulgaria turns out to be #1 in the EU in terms of growth in new car purchases. In July, our country also had an increase in imports on an annual basis, but “only” by 19%.

In fact, a revival of the car market is observed throughout the European Union, with slight exceptions – such as Hungary, where Asean reports a sales collapse of as much as 10 percent. Otherwise, there is an average growth of 20% for the EU. Germany, which is both a big producer and a big market, saw an impressive rise in new car sales in August – up more than 37% year-on-year, and the number was impressive – 273,417 newly registered vehicles.

Petrol vs electricity

ASEAN also gives an interesting breakdown of sales in August according to the way the vehicles are driven.

In Bulgaria, the share of newly purchased cars with gasoline engines is the highest – 72.9 percent. Diesels are 18.9%, electric cars are in third place with 4.4%, and hybrids are 2.3 percent.

The data for the EU as a whole show a rather different picture – sales of petrol and diesel vehicles are respectively 32.7% and 12.5%, i.e. less than half of all sales, every fourth newly registered car is a hybrid (23.9%), and every a fourth (21%) is charged from the outlet.

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For the first time in the EU, the share of new electric cars powered entirely by batteries – a total of 165,165 e-cars – exceeded 20% of all monthly sales, according to ASEA.

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