Raped with her mother and eating insects, North Korean defector girl reveals her childhood page all

CHICAGO, KOMPAS.com – A girl traitor North Korea who fled the country when he was 13 years old, revealing his dark childhood there.

A girl named Yeonmi Park That said, many corpses were lying on the road, then he was forced to eat insects to survive due to mass starvation, and was once raped with his mother.

Cold, darkness and hunger are part of everyday life in the country with the Juche ideology, Yeonmi said. He blames nuclear ambition Jewelry which destroys the country’s economic order.

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According to the news Daily Mail On Friday (4/9/2020), after escaping from North Korea and crossing the frozen Yalu River to China, Yeonmi and her mother were kidnapped and then sold and raped by their captors before fleeing again to Mongolia. At that time, he was 13 years old.

Yeonmi, now 26 years old and a human rights activist, told New York Post, “no friends, only acquaintances” in North Korea and people are very afraid of the Kim dynasty that ruled for more than 70 years.

“You will see so many people dying. It is normal for us to see corpses lying on the streets,” said the author of the book In Order to Live, A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom it was quoted from Daily Mail.

“I’ve been to slums in Mumbai (India), in other countries, but nothing like North Korea because of starvation of its citizens, systematic starvation by a country that chooses to starve us.”

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Yeonmi’s grandmother and uncle died of malnutrition, and as a child she was forced to eat insects to survive, she recalls.

“If they put aside only 20 percent of everything they spend on making nuclear weapons, nobody will have to die in North Korea of ​​starvation, but Rezom chooses to make us hungry,” said the girl who entered the BBC 100 Women list in 2014.

He also described how schoolchildren were taught to respect the Kim family as godlike leaders with supernatural powers.

When Yeonmi was a child, North Korea was still led by Kim Jong Il, who later died in 2011 and was succeeded by his son, Kim Jong Un.

Yeonmi revealed, “there is no concept of friendship” at school because students are forced to fight each other in a “critique session”.

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Very few people crossed the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) into South Korea, while defectors like Yeonmi and her mother fled North Korea via China.

Yeonmi also described a gang of North Korean trafficking specialists in China, which lacked women due to the one-child policy.

Some of the women worked as prostitutes to generate income to return home, while brothels in Shanghai and Beijing allegedly drugged them to prevent them from leaving.

After nearly 2 years with her captors, Yeonmi and her mother risked their lives to escape to Mongolia by crossing the frozen Gobi Desert.

Yeonmi then moved to Seoul, New York City, then Chicago, and said some of her North Korean relatives had disappeared.

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He is worried that his relatives may be executed or sent to North Korean prison camps.

Political prisoners are subjected to “torture, sexual violence, forced labor, and other inhuman treatment,” according to Human Rights Watch.

They also perform “back-breaking hard labor in dangerous conditions, sometimes in winter without proper clothing,” the group said.

North Koreans can also be sent to prison camps for trying to defect to South Korea or to work or stay in China.

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