Rape and helpless victims. Today, the Guru miniseries begins according to the real event

On Friday, Voyo launched a new series of Gurus. After the successful Roubal Case, another miniseries was created inspired by a real event that many Czechs remember. You can also look forward to a stellar cast.

The story follows young mother Alice, who decides to report a rape that took place during a session in a yoga group led by teacher Klára and her guru. Biser A. Arichtev took over the direction of such a serious topic.

“If someone feels like something’s wrong has happened to them, they shouldn’t be afraid to say it and report it. In the case of this miniseries, it’s rape, and we’re trying to say, don’t worry, say it.” the director tries to motivate the victims of these acts.

“We were looking for one of the first Voya story projects that is very powerful. We found a story that is based on real events about the sexual assault of women through some tantric and yoga exercises and courses. “ said producer Filip Bobiňski.

Alice is in a difficult life situation for a long time. With his former partner Radek constantly fights for little daughter Emma. As one of the ways out of adversity, Alice clings to at first sight therapeutic yoga lessons run by the self-proclaimed guru Marek together with his manipulative collaborator Klára.

Miniseries Guru relies on strong acting performances. Vojta Kotek, who shines for the first time in a purely negative role as a guru, and Anna Fialová completes other acting aces such as Vasil Fridrich whose Zuzana Stivínová. “I play an investigating forensic scientist, who is the only one who will believe the main character, what happened to her,” Stivínová describes her role.

The first part of the Guru miniseries can be found at Voyo already, you can look forward to the next episode next Friday.

Watch the report from Televizní noviny:




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