ransomware discovered that attacks Mac users and is a disaster

This exclusive ransomware for Mac users is distributed through Torrents. It does not work very well by hijacking information but it does spoil it.

For the past few years, we have witnessed the awkward proliferation of malicious ransomware programs that hijack our information. PC users had been the main victims of this kind of software. But it turns out that the problem has also reached Mac.

Friends of Malwarebytes Labs They are the ones who have issued the warning, upon discovering this new malicious program, which is mainly distributed on Torrents platforms.

Ransomware masquerades as the app installer Little Snitch, but in reality when it starts, various processes start to run in the background that encrypt some personal files and others crucial to the operation of the Mac.

The issue here, as reported by the malware discoverers, is that its operation is not exactly functional:

The malware installs, but trying to run the Little Snitch installer hangs and cycles indefinitely, until you force it to close.
However, malware is not particularly smart about what files it encrypted. It seemed to encrypt various configuration files and other data files, such as key files. This resulted in an error message when logging into the Mac after encryption.

Malwarebytes’ Thomas Reed points out that the ransomware does not actually work well, as it never completely hijacks the information, and therefore does not demand ransom.

But in the process it does violate the security of the Mac and annoy several system files which makes the experience of use complicated.
In conclusion, this is only the first wake-up call and it would be a matter of time before some more effective variant arrives.


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