Rankings Revealed: Councilors Earning Over 50,000 Euros Outside the Seven Cities

Rankings Revealed: Councilors Earning Over 50,000 Euros Outside the Seven Cities

The councilors who receive more than 50,000 euros outside the seven cities exceed a dozen


The Ministry of Finance has made public the salaries of Galician councilors in 2021, a year in which the mayors of Pontevedra and Vigo, Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores (71,639 euros) and Abel Caballero (71,412 euros), received the highest amounts. For their part, a dozen councilors from small municipalities do not receive payment for their municipal position, while there are 31 town councils that do not offer data, among them Ourense, headed by Gonzalo Pérez Jácome.

The councilors of Pontevedra and Vigo were already the ones who received the highest salary in 2020, according to the previous list published by the Treasury, and they remain at the top of the ranking, although Lores states that he earned just under a thousand euros less in 2021. Caballero, for his part, charged about 637 euros more, according to information compiled by Europa Press.

Among the seven cities, after Pontevedra and Vigo, in 2020 Pérez Jácome was listed as the third councilor who earned the most (69,926 euros was the official data he transferred), but in the 2021 list the Treasury places him as the head of one of the town councils who has not provided information.

Yes, the councilors of A Coruña, Inés Rey (69,218 euros); Lugo, Lara Méndez (68,796 euros); Santiago, Xosé Sánchez Bugallo (52,454 euros); and Ferrol, Ángel Mato (40,000 euros). All of them received salaries similar to those of the previous year for their municipal position.

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Beyond the seven cities, there are more than a dozen mayors who earn more than 50,000 euros. They all earn more than the councilor of Ferrol and some more than the councilor of the capital of Galicia.

Here you can find: Oleiros, Ángel García Seoane (58,572 euros); A Estrada, José López Campos (58,372 euros); Ribeira, Manuel Ruiz Rivas (57,243 euros); Culleredo, José Ramón Riobóo (56,683 euros); Arteixo, José Carlos Calvelo (56,604 euros); o Narón, Marian Ferreiro (55,383 euros).

Also exceeding 50,000 euros are at least the councilors of Betanzos, A Laracha, Ordes, O Grove, Lalín, Marín, Vilanova de Arousa and Vilagarcía de Arousa, where the socialist Alberto Varela, also president of the Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (Fegamp).

Meanwhile, the salaries of the presidents of the Galician councils in 2021 were as follows: Pontevedra, Carmela Silva (77,621 euros); A Coruña, Valentín González Formoso (72,953 euros); Ourense, Manuel Baltar (72,325 euros); and Lugo, José Tomé (68,914 euros), who also receives 7,700 euros for his position as mayor, according to Treasury data.


Furthermore, there are small or intermediate councils around a council of mayors in Galicia who do not perceive suffering for their municipal position. Specifically, it concerns the regions of A Capela, Pontedeume, Mondoñedo, Ribeira de Piquín, O Barco de Valdeorras, Carballeda de Avia, Larouco, Maside, Melón, A Mezquita and Poio.

They are joined by the mayor of As Pontes, Valentín González Formoso, who receives zero euros for his position as mayor, but earns as president of the Coruña Provincial Council.

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