Ranking of the best and worst cars in terms of manufacturing quality in 2022

The American consultant J.D. Powerrevealed this Tuesday a study that indicates that the quality In the manufacture of automobiles new decreased in 2022 globally.

Compared to 2021, the problems regarding the manufacture of automobiles recorded an increase of 11% for every 100 vehicles built, a figure that is noteworthy as it is worse than last year where only 9 of the 33 brands in the ranking improved their quality from one year to another.

The best positioned brands were Buick, Dodge, Chevrolet, Genesis and Kia in that order and those that were left in the count were Volvo, Chrysler, Tesla and Polestar.

J.D. Power

For the consultant this is due to the impact generated by the health alert by COVID-19 “The interruptions caused by COVID-19, such as problems in the supply chain, record prices of vehicles and displacement of personnel, contributed to the vehicle problems will reach a record level in the 36-year history of this study,” the report says.

“General Motors bucks the trend with an improvement in quality that places it in the highest position among the automotive corporations”, explained the consultant.

However, the global director of JD Power stressed that despite these problems that the automotive industry faced, it is relevant that the drop in quality of the cars have not been higher.

“This year’s decline is disappointing, but understandable. Automakers continue to release vehicles that are increasingly technologically complex in an era where there have been many shortages of critical components.

What is the JD Power study based on?

JD Power’s initial quality ratings are based on surveys of purchasers of automobiles new or current model year vehicle lessees who responded within the first 90 days of vehicle ownership.

The ratings consider long-term reliability, attractiveness in the characteristics of the automobiles and sales or dealership experience in separate surveys.

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