Ranking and horoscope for Monday 12 October 2020: the comeback of Libra, a setback for Taurus

Here is thehoroscope for Monday 12 October 2020 and the ranking of zodiac signs. A new work week is about to begin. How will it start? What signs will the planets look favorably upon? There Virgin will continue to benefit from the abstractional favors. There Weight scale and the Leone will have a beautiful recovery, while theaquarium will have to cope with a lot of turmoil. Some minor setbacks for the Toro. Would you like to know more? Read the horoscope on Monday and the ranking of the zodiac signs.


Three stars. According to Monday’s horoscope you will have enough energy to face the commitments and difficulties of this week. You are going through a rather tiring period, characterized by profound changes.


Four stars. Your week will start with some small pitfalls, a setback that will make you nervous. Try not to take it: it is only a small hitch at the beginning of a week that will give you great satisfaction, in love and at work.


Three stars. In love you will have to be very careful, because you could find yourself arguing heatedly over a trifle. At work you will have to try to put some matters in order, before leaving as you wish.


Two stars. You may feel overwhelmed with new doubts. It will take a lot of patience, but solutions to your problems will soon come too. These days you are clarifying yourself, you are gradually letting go of many fears and duties.


Five stars. As Monday’s horoscope indicates you will be full of strength. You are experiencing a very positive moment: new opportunities may arrive at work to be seized!


Five stars. You continue to be one of the favorite signs of the zodiac. The stars will be very supportive, but you will have to do your part and get involved, both in love and in work.

Weight scale

Four stars. You will be in great shape and full of motivation. You will have a great desire to recover all that you have lost in the past: time, money and love. You are facing an upheaval in your life: very soon you will come out stronger and more successful.


Four stars. It will be a very positive day, but you don’t have to make sure you spoil it. Avoid pointing the finger at your partner or those around you. Avoid all forms of provocation and everything will go well!


Three stars. According to Monday’s horoscope, job insecurities could emerge. The fact is that the projects are not taking off as you expected: you will have to wait for the end of the year. Someone, however, is waiting for an important call.


Four stars. You will wake up full of energy and desire to do. The stars will not disappoint you, because in the next few hours you may receive some good business news, a very important confirmation.


Two stars. There are those who will feel very restless, while those will suffer from a small decrease in fiscio, a little tired. These are very tiring days, you are assaulted by conflicting emotions and you lack references. Hold on!


Three stars. It will really take a lot of prudence in love not to find yourself arguing. The tensions that arose in the past on this day could re-emerge. Try to keep your agitation in check, otherwise you’ll make things worse!

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