Rangers fans are tightening up. They dressed in Sparta and Slavia

On the fence directly opposite the main gate of the stadium hung a banner on which was written in capital letters UEFA with its own explanations of what the acronym means (Useless: European Football’s Apologists, with the addition: for racism and greed. “- loosely translated: European football).

The letter U was then made into an imaginary trash can, into which the logos of Slavia and Sparta fall.

In Scotland, almost unanimously, Prague clubs and their fans consider racists after this year’s events.

It all started with the spring match of the Slavia European League with the Rangers at Ibrox, where the Finnish midfielder Glen Kamara accused the tracker Ondřej Kúdel of racist swearing. The Czech national team stopper subsequently received a ten-match penalty from UEFA, which was perceived by the Rangers as a disproportionately low sanction.

The Scottish champion also interpreted as an act of racism the vocal expression of tens of thousands of children on Letná in the opening match with Sparta against Kamar, who was excluded from the match. However, UEFA did not find any racist wrongdoing this time, which outraged the Scottish side.

The mentioned banner defeating UEFA and Czech clubs was removed from the fence before the match.



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