Rampage at Schalke against Dynamo: Dresden hooligans beat folders ready for hospital | Regional

Two suspects arrested

Gelsenkirchen (NRW) – Brutal scenes in the stadium during the high-risk game between Schalke and Dynamo Dresden: Dynamo fans attacked several folders in the arena for no reason, and even beat one of them to the hospital.

“At the beginning of the game, five stewards were injured in the guest block area, one of them was taken to a hospital for further treatment,” said the Gelsenkirchen police.

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After the game, the special unit BFE (evidence and arrest unit) intervened as the Ultras marched off and overpowered two suspects from Dresden. The men were taken away, their personal details determined and complaints written.

The police secured the high-risk game with a large contingent

Photo: Christoph Reichwein (crei)

More than 5,000 fans should arrive from Dresden on Saturday evening, including more than 1,000 violent ultras and hooligans. In the end, according to the police, significantly fewer “problem fans” traveled from Dresden than expected. In addition to the brutal attack on the stewards, the feared riots before and after the game in Gelsenkirchen largely did not materialize, according to officials.

video-heading">BILD report: Focal point stadium Who are the Ultras? Who are the hooligans?


BILD report: Focus on the stadium – who are the ultras?  Who are the hooligans? – –

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A policewoman (28) was injured during a check well before the game. A stranger fled in the car (Dresden license plate) from the control and hit the officer, who fell. The man did not have a valid driver’s license. The officer suffered minor injuries, a police spokesman said. She came to a hospital for an examination. According to the police, it is still unclear whether the stranger is a Dresden football fan. That is the subject of the investigation.

Thousands of fans came to see the match against Schalke in the stadium

Thousands of fans came to see the match against Schalke in the stadium

Photo: Christoph Reichwein (crei)

In total, emergency services wrote five administrative offense reports for violating the Assembly Act and nine criminal charges for, among other things, dangerous bodily harm, property damage and trespassing. A PTB weapon including signal ammunition was also secured.

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